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Ooh-La-La, The Beauty of It All

Gorgeous Hair and Makeup Trends for Spring / Summer 2011

Article by Amy E. Helfritz

Beauty trends abound this spring, and there is definitely something for everyone! Whether you love the sassiness of bright, bold colors, or the demure appeal of natural nude shades, you will find your perfect match on the runways this season. So grab a cup of joe, some sweet tea, or whatever drink strikes your fancy, sit back, relax, read through the trends and brush up on your beauty knowledge for Springs / Summer 2011 season!

Jewel Toned Smokey Eye: Oscar De La Renta Spring 2011


This season the eyes have it; but then again, so do the lips…and the fingertips! Which of these glorious assets do you want to play up the most? Check out the playful, fun, and sometimes zany trends below, to help you decide.

EYES, EYES, EYES – Dramatic! That’s the key word for eyes this season. Electric, fluorescent shades of neon orange, yellow, and red in simple “strips” across eyelids have made a splash this spring. Can we say pizazz? If you’re not quite that brave, another hot look is the amped-up smoky eye. Bright jewel tones like blue, green, and purple, give a new, fresh twist to this classic look when they are added to the always lovable, always trendy, black eye shadow.
Fluorescent Eyeshadow: Derek Lam, Bright Lips: Fendi Spring 2011


PUCKER UP, BABY! – Think juicy when it comes to your lips this spring. Oranges, cherries, cantaloupes…you get the idea. Not only are these yummy fruits, but they’re also yummy spring colors that are hotter-than-hot this season. If you love to show off your smoochers, this trend is for you! You can choose the super-shiny, high-gloss appeal, or the more muted, yet equally alluring, matte-look for your lips. Either way, it’s time to pucker up and kiss spring hello!
Electric Eyes: Derek Lam Spring 2011

Funky Fingertips: Nail Art, Bling, Moon Manicures, orange


Color is soooo in this season, and that’s obvious when we check out the fingernail trends this spring! From classy nudes with a splash of your favorite shade, to crazy, intricate artwork adorning each little tip, these funky nails are bold, artistic, and of course, colorful! Check out some of the ways your nails can get some attitude:

BLING – Bring a little bling to your tips, with shiny metals like gold, silver, or bronze, or add an extra “wow” factor with shimmery diamond-like sparkles. Pick your favorite and shine, baby shine!

OVER THE MOON – Try the fun and flirty moon manicure for nails that are sure to get noticed. Choose two colors, one as a base, and the second you’ll use to create a “moon” shape near the cuticle. This funky and fabulous trend is a definite attention-getter!

LAY LOW – If you prefer a more subtle look, try this fun trend that will make your fingers shine with sophistication. Start with your favorite neutral or nude shade, then pick a snazzy color and create a thin line across the tips of your nails. (Tip: follow the natural line where your nails begin to grow away from your fingertips.)

POP STARS – Fingernails are the perfect palette, and spring trends are taking advantage of that fact by creating artsy masterpieces on them. From polka-dots and cheetah patterns, to full-blown pop art replicas, this trend is sure to set you apart!

COLOR ALERT – You may have already noticed the theme throughout the make-up trends: orange here, orange there, orange, orange everywhere! The luscious, juicy color is impossible to escape this season, but then, who would want to? From eyelids to fingertips, orange is it!

Don’t forget – whatever you do to those fingertips can also be done to your toes. Think sandals!

Lovely Locks: Hair Style Trends from Spring 2011


Go ahead, allow your hair a little spring fling this season! Carefree hair is definitely in, with simple ponytails, relaxed up-dos, and frizz. Yep, you read that correctly – if you have that ferocious frizz going on, wear it with pride, because you’re in the company of many runway models.

The easy, breezy ponytail has made a comeback (did it really ever leave?), and tousled, pinned-up hair piled loosely in a knot on top is all the rage. If you want a more dramatic look, go for the oh-so-chic high bun, or slick back your hair with gel and draw all the attention to your lovely face. Another fun and flirty trend is pinning back a small section of hair with glamorous pins, zany barrettes, or giant florals.

So slick it back, pile it up, clip it, or let it blow in the wind. Whichever do you choose will be right on track, making you look trendy in no time at all!

Accessory Trends from Spring 2011: Big Hats, Fringe Jewelry


Jewelry with an artistic flare, tassels and fringe-type earrings and necklaces, and giant stones on bracelets, rings, and well, basically everything, are all hot trends this season. Layered necklaces are stylish right now, drawing lots of attention to the neck and face. If choosing between silver and gold has you continually baffled, try trendy rose-gold for a fresh spin on metals this spring.

Accessory Trends from Spring 2011

Play it Up – Big floppy hats, waist-flattering belts, and sassy clutches are also big for Spring / Summer 2011. Have fun picking and choosing which ones accentuate your look. And if you like to live a little on the wild side, but you don’t want to jump over there completely, try a trendy-for-spring temporary tattoo…where you place it is up to you. Either way, don’t forget the oversized sunglasses; they’re hot on the runways, and healthy for your eyes.

Beauty Trends Spring 2011: Health and Skin Care


The most important tip to remember in all things beauty is to take care of your body. Eat right, drink plenty of water, wear sunscreen, and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Many make-ups and hair products include sunscreens and moisturizing agents in them, so choose the ones with built-in protection to help shield you from those sunshiny spring rays. Whichever trends you choose, having a healthy and glowing foundation makes them all the more fabulous.

So there you have it! Spring 2011 is finally here, with a mixture of sassy, bold, sophisticated and fun trends. So pick the ones you love, play up your favorite assets, and get out there and breathe in the heavenly days of the season. From the tousled tips of your tresses, to the glittery shine on your toes, spring has sprung, and it’s time to enjoy it!

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