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Holiday Fashion

Style tips for All Your Holiday Events.

Guide by C. Elliott

Trim the tree and baste the turkey, the holiday season is upon us again! If you’ve got a holiday event on the horizon you’re probably wondering what sort of clothing would be appropriate. When choosing your ensemble it’s important to take into consideration not only the event, but the time of day, location, and company as well. Whether you are attending the office Christmas party, dancing the night away with friends, dining with in-laws, or ringing in the New Year, Labellush.com has a few suggestions for keeping you in fashionable attire.

What to wear to an Office Party:

Many companies celebrate the holiday season with their employees by hosting a company Christmas or Holiday party. It’s a great way for the management to raise morale, reward the staff, and celebrate the end of another successful year. If you plan on attending a company party keep in mind that despite the decorations it is still a professional function and your behavior as well as your attire can
potentially affect your career.

  • Make sure you ask in advance about the dress code. Some companies may host lavish formal events, while others may choose to keep it more casual. If it’s still unclear, ask around and see what your coworkers are planning to wear.
  • Focus on color. In a sea of the traditional black, silver, red, and gold a rich jewel toned dress will set you apart from the crowd, and garner positive attention.
  • Add some sparkle with a strategically placed bauble. We recommend a pair of sparkling chandelier earrings to keep the attention of your boss and coworkers up on your face where it belongs.
  • If you are looking for a dress-alternative try a formal pantsuit. This menswear inspired style packs extra power, but can still look very glamorous when done in velvet, silk shantung or satin. Choose a well tailored, curve conscious silhouette to avoid looking frumpy and pair it with a festive heel to create a longer, leaner line.

What to wear to a Holiday Party with Friends:

There is probably nothing better than a good old fashioned holiday party with lots of friends and family! Whether you are hosting, or attending someone else’s event you will want to make sure that your attire compliments both the festive nature, and informal atmosphere of the affair.

  • Dress up, it’s still a party after all! Even if the dress code is casual you still need to look your best.
  • If you want to wear a pant that’s fine but make sure you pair it with a festive top and shoe. We recommend a tuxedo trouser, dark skinny jean, or velvet trouser if you choose to go with pants.
  • Nothing says party like something sparkly! Work some shimmer into your look with a sequined blouse, beaded cardigan, or crystal embellished dress for an effect that’s both fun and festive./li>
  • If you prefer a dress look for something cocktail length (just above the knee) done in a rich jewel tone, or holiday classic color i.e.: red, black, gold, or green.
  • If the party is in the evening make sure you have an elegant wrap or princess cut coat to keep you warm and looking stylish as you are coming and going.

  • What to Wear On Christmas Day:

    Christmas day is probably a bit different for everyone but traditionally there’s a ton of presents to open in the morning, followed by a lot of cooking and a formal dinner. Most likely you’ll be spending the day with family, and if you are hosting you’ll probably be on your feet quite a bit. Christmas day calls for comfortable clothing, but it is still a formal affair so you still want to make sure you look smart.

    • If you’re the hostess it is essential that your outfit be practical. Opt for jeweled or metallic flats instead of heals, clothing in dark jewel toned colors (that will hide any cooking mishaps), 3/4 length sleeves (that will stay out of you way), and of course an apron – at least while you’re cooking!
    • If you’re a guest: a comfy knit dress, with leggings and flats would probably be your best bet. Most of your day will probably be spent lounging, and eating so you want to make sure that your outfit can accommodate. Add a little holiday cheer to your look with a sparkling pendant, statement bangle, or broach.
    • Dress in layers. Between the heat in the kitchen, and cold outside it’s hard to predict the Christmas climate. Dressing in layers will give your look versatility and keep you feeling comfortable throughout the day.

    What to Wear On New Years Eve:

    If by December 31st you haven’t had a chance to break out your sequined mini, faux fur vests, or bright red lipstick don’t despair! New Years Eve presents an opportune time for wearing just about anything that might normally be considered – dare we say, a bit over the top. When choosing your outfit consider your plans for the evening: Will you be party hoping in the city? Dining downtown? Watching the ball drop in Time Square? Chose an outfit that accommodates your needs and it’s sure to be a success!

      • If you plan to be outdoors, or traveling between events stylish outwear is a must! For New Years Eve Labellush.com recommend a faux fur, or vintage fur coat. Not only will the style add great texture to your outfit, but it will also help keep you warm in those chilly winter temperatures.
      • Embrace the black tight trend. Opaque tights or leggings pair perfectly with many a New Years Eve look. From short skirts to mini dresses; they not only slim the leg but add extra warmth and style too!
      • Break out your bling! A New Years Eve outfit just isn’t complete without a little sparkle. Incorporate sequins, metallic’s, satin, or jewels somewhere in your outfit to show people you’re serious about the party!
      • Try some bold makeup. A bright red lip, smokey eye, or colorful shadow can add just the right amount of drama to your evening look.

    Don’t overdo it! Even though we all love glamming it up on New Years Eve, you still need to make sure that your outfit works. If you’re going with a sequined mini skirt don’t pair it with sparkling tights, studded boots, a fur vest, oversized clutch, dangly earrings, and an armful of bangles. Choose a maximum of two statement pieces for your outfit and keep the supporting ensemble on the simpler side to avoid competing with yourself.

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