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Handmade Sterling Silver Jewelry - Archive Silver Jewelry Biography

Archive Silver Jewelry produces handmade sterling silver jewelry inspired by the pages of history, foreign cultures, and the intrinsic beauty of natural materials. Whether it is a simple silver ring, or large statement necklace, Archive silver jewelry is crafted to compliment, and never distract from, the innate beauty and sophistication of the woman who wears it.

Handmade Sterling Silver Jewelry

Owning a piece of Archive Silver Jewelry is like owning a tiny piece of fine art. Each handmade piece of sterling silver jewelry is original, and no two pieces are alike. Unlike cast or mass produced silver jewelry found at most jewelry stores, each piece of jewelry produced by Archive silver jewelry is hand built, with countless hours of work devoted to its creation. All Archive silver jewelry is made in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Some of the bench work techniques utilized in the creation process of Archive jewelry include: cutting, hammering, forming, soldering, polishing, and gem setting among others. Through these process and the hand of the artisan, Archive jewelry is infused with a sense of soul, and organic style that can not be duplicated.

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Archive Silver jewelry is for sale online exclusively through Labellush.com and their affiliated sites. Please be aware that while new handmade sterling silver jewelry pieces are continuously being added, most pieces are one of a kind and thus, supplies are limited.