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Fashion Files

  • Holiday Fashion

    Style tips for All Your Holiday Events.

    Trim the tree and baste the turkey, the holiday season is upon us again! If you've got a holiday event on the horizon you're probably wondering what sort of clothing would be appropriate. When choosing your ensemble it's important to take into consideration not only the event, but the time of day, location, and company as well. Whether you are attending the office Christmas party, dancing the night away with friends, dining with in-laws, or ringing in the New Year, Labellush.com has a few suggestions for keeping you in fashionable attire.

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  • Handbags 101

    Breaking Down the Basic Handbag Styles, Material Types, and Hardware Choices Available

    Handbags come in every shape and size, and as you probably already know, sometimes all the options can seem a bit overwhelming. To help narrow down the bag of your dreams Labellush.com is getting back to basics and offering up "Handbags 101" an all encompassing explanation of available handbag styles, material types, and hardware choices.

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  • The Denim Guide

    Once every six months the runways of New York, Milan, Tokyo, and Paris are flooded with new creation from some of the worlds brightest and most talented fashion designers. Glamorous dresses, exotic bags, and magical shoes (so high we can only dream about walking in them), parade up and down the catwalks inspiring an elite group of editors and buyers; responsible for determining the so called "trends" of the season. Fashionistas worldwide oogle over the thought of draping themselves in the most current accouterments from designers such as Missoni, Givenchy, and Yves Saint Laurent. And yet, at the end of the day, when the tents come down, and all the models are fast asleep in their beds, the majority of us still prefer to hit the streets in our favorite pair of jeans.

    Jeans were first developed by Levi Strauss and his partner Jacob Davis, as a workman's pant during the California Gold Rush in 1873. The durability of denim combined with duos patented rivet reinforcements made the Levi's jeans widely popular among the workforce in the 1800's, but it took almost 90 more years for denim to take off as a fashion staple. It's adoption is credited to the baby-boomers, who in the 1960's started working denim into their everyday wardrobes. Since then denim has morphed into a multi billion dollar industry, and is now produced by thousands of brand name labels to include everyone from the Gap, to Seven for All Mankind. Denim is quite possible, the most persistent trend of all time, rightfully considered to be the foundation on which most wardrobes are built. And thanks to its great versatility in color, style, fit, and design everyone can wear denim and still express their own unique style and individuality. Continue reading

  • Wardrobe Budgeting

    How Much Should I Spend On Clothing?

    I will be the first one to admit that clothes are a bit of an obsession for me; and rightfully so I would argue. Wearing the right clothes can make a woman feel beautiful, empowered, professional, or sexy. They help us to express our individuality, and our creativity - and personally, for my obsession I make no apologies. That said, I must also admit to being a bit of an impulse shopper and for this I am a bit abashed.

    Impulse shopping is a chronic condition which can cause you to make costly fashion mistakes. It strikes when you least expect it, and can leave you feeling very unprepared to properly debate the new fashion find at hand. Will it fit? Do I have anything to wear it with? Can I afford it? These are all important questions that can easily be overlooked when your mind is clouded with the feeling of urgency brought on by impulse shopping. So what's an impulse shopper to do? We wouldn't dare give up shopping all together. No, you just need to have a good plan.

    A good plan starts with (brace your selves) a good budget! Before you cringe at thought, consider this: budgeting does not have to a bad thing. Setting goals and reaching them can be fun! Having a closet full of carefully selected pieces that fit, work well with the rest of your wardrobe, and make you feel beautiful can be rewarding. Plus, setting an affordable budget means your entire wardrobe can be purchased guilt free, which is something that anyone can be proud of! Continue reading

  • All About Cashmere

    The World's Favorite Luxury Fiber Explained.

    Where does Cashmere come from?

    Many people are surprised to learn that cashmere, like wool, actually comes from goats. A specific bread of Mongolian goats to be exact, that live high in the mountains surrounding the Gobi Desert. These "Capra Hircus Laniger" goats as they are called, actually have two coats; an outer lying coat that is very coarse and stiff (not anything you would want to use for a sweater), and an underlying or "underdown" coat that consists of a much finer fiber called cashmere. The Goats depend on the cashmere underdown layer to help keep them warm and insulated throughout the harsh mountain winters. Continue reading

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