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Evening Capsule Wardrobe

The 14 Key Pieces You Need for Building the Perfect Evening Wardrobe

Guide by C. Elliott

For most women, when they hear the words “We’re going out”, the first thing that comes to mind is clothing. What am I going to wear? The answer usually depends on the planned activity itself; whether it’s for a special date, dinner with the girls, or just catching the latest show – different situations call for different looks. If your closet is not adequately stocked in advance with the appropriate attire a fun proposal such as an evening out, may actually become quite a frustrating situation. To help you avoid such a dilemma, Labellush.com has put together a list of the 14-must have pieces needed for building the perfect Evening Capsule Wardrobe.

1. Little Black Dress

Or “LBD” as it is also commonly referred to; has been considered a fashion staple by women worldwide ever since the first one designed by Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel in 1926. Over the years, the little black dress has solidified it’s icon status because it is versatile, universally flattering, and accessible to women of all social and economic classes. The trick to wearing/finding your perfect little black dress lies in the fit, and your choice of accessories. Look for styles that flatter your figure, and draw attention to your best features.

Silk or Satin Skirt

A feminine silk or satin skirt will add the perfect amount of shine to any evening look. The key to wearing one lies in it’s fit and contrast. Silk/Satin materials tend to exaggerate curves so if you have problem areas that you are looking to hide steer clear of form fitted or bias cuts, and instead opts for styles with more of an a-line silhouette that flares down and away from the body. When pairing it with other pieces keep contrast in mind. If your skirt is loose and flowy opt for a jacket or cami that has a little more structure on top.

3. Satin Camisole

Layering a satin camisole is an easy way to dress up just about any outfit! Try an universally flattering V’d neckline, or empire waist cut in a color that compliments your skin tone. If your cami has extra beading or detail keep your jewelry toned down so that it does not compete. If you plan to wear your cami alone, make sure that you have the right undergarments or built in support bra straps can ruin an otherwise fabulous evening look!

4. Jacket

The best evening jackets always have a little extra femininity worked into their design. Look for styles done in luxe materials like silk satin, or velvet that are finished off with well places ruffles, beading, or a belted waist that shows off your silhouette.

5. Black Tuxedo Pants

You may not usually think pants when considering your evening wardrobe, but a men’s wear inspired tuxedo trouser can actually be quite dramatic! When paired properly with contrasting ultra feminine pieces a classic tuxedo trouser can actually be quite sexy. The key to making these trousers work for you lies in finding the perfect fit. Try something with a mid to low rise that fit snugly through the butt and hips, with a looser cut wide /bootcut leg.

6. Velvet Pants

Much like the Tuxedo trouser, a well cut velvet pant can add incredible versatility to your evening capsule wardrobe. While you might be tempted to go with basic black, Labellush.com suggests trying something a little richer like a dark burgundy, brown, navy, or grey. Avoid velvet materials that have an abundant shine factor; such materials tend to exaggerate problem areas, and often end up cheapening your look.

7. Dangly Earrings

We all love dangly earrings but your earring choice should be determined by your face shape – since after all the goal of jewelry is to compliment not distract from your natural beauty. Start by determining what type of metallic looks best on you? Does gold bring out your natural glow, or do you look more sultry in silver? Then consider your face shape. The key is to keep it in proportion: If you have a Long Face wear earrings that are wider than they are long. If you have a Round Face wear earrings that are longer then they are wide. If you have an Oval Face you can wear just about any shape.

8. Pendant Necklace

A pendant necklace is a definite must have in any evening wardrobe! Not only to are they versatile, but they also allow to you make a truly unique statement. We recommend choosing a pendant that says something special about your personality or history. Your necklace is sure to get noticed and jewelry is always more interesting when it means something special to you!

9. Evening Bag

When it comes to choosing an evening bag the options are endless! Wristlets, minaudieres, clutches, or vintage as long as it looks fabulous and holds your essentials you can get away with any of them. If you’re going strapless avoid bags that have a shoulder strap and stick to the ones that can be carried in hand or under your arm. Evening bags are fun, and functional – so you can probably never have too many, but you need to have at least one.

10. Metallic Sandals

A metallic sandal is a great investment piece because not only can it be worn for special occasions year round, but it also wears like a neutral so you can easily pair it with just about anything. The key to finding your perfect pair is to pay attention to fit, and your comfort level while walking in them. A shoe that stays at home, just sitting in your closet because it is uncomfortable will never do you any good. If you plan to dance in your sandals Labellush.com recommends a leather soled style with some sort of ankle strap or lace up design.

11. Evening Pumps

Evening pumps are like eye candy! They come in so many delicious styles, colors and materials that it can sometimes be a little hard to choose. Look for styles that appeal to you in shimmering silk satin, sexy lace, lush velvet, or a wild animal print. Metallic trim, jeweled accents, or ribbon detail can also add some extra attitude. And remember, like your metallic sandals, fit is still key, so make sure you will be comfortable walking in them – nothing ruins a night faster than uncomfortable shoes!

12. Wrap / Pashmina

Sometimes it seems like Evening Wear and Warm just don’t go together – which is why Labellush.com highly recommends an elegant pashmina or wrap. Pick a versatile color, in a light weight cashmere or wool – acrylics, and other man-made materials won’t work as well to keep you warm even if they are soft. Throw your wrap on over everything and anything from your little black dress, to your satin camisoles for a look that is not only comfortable but refined as well.

13. Evening Coat

Sometimes a girl just needs a coat – and since in some cases your coat may entirely cover up the rest of your evening look it has to look good worn both closed, and open. To maintain your femininity Labellush.com recommends styles that cinch or belt at the waist, and that come in an universally flattering knee length cut. For optimum warmth choose a medium weight wool or cashmere material (nothing too bulky) and look for colors that will compliment the rest of your wardrobe.

14. Pantyhose / Stockings

Many an evening look call for pantyhose or stockings – especially in the winter when they can add an extra layer of warmth and hide those not so tan legs. They come in a variety of colors, and patterns but Labellush.com recommends that you stock up on at least your basic black and nude. We also recommends that you avoid wearing pantyhose with open-toed shoes or sandals, as this is commonly considered a fashion faux-pas.

Take stock of your closet and make sure that these 14 basic pieces are present. If you have something that looks tired, doesn’t fit, or is just out of style throw it out and go find yourself a new one! Think quality not quantity; Pay attention to the items fit, construction, and versatility when making your selections and your sure to find go-to pieces that will work perfectly for any occasion!

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