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Beauty Breakdown – Fall 2009

The Top 10 Runway Hair & Makeup Trends from Fall / Winter 2009

1. Big Red Lips

Want to add some extra drama to your Fall 2009 look without breaking the bank? Try a pouty Red lip. It’s a beauty trend reminiscent of the 1929 Depression era (perfectly appropriate for the ’09 recession), and affordable on any budget when you opt for a tube of MAC’s classic “Russian Red” only ($14).

Red Lips

2. Beautiful Buns

It’s never been easier to get your buns in shape! Twist-it, braid-it, or slick-it as long as it’s up almost anything goes. For a quick and stylish updo, side part your hair and slick it back into a low pony, twist-up into a bun and secure with a few bobby pins. Voila!

Beautiful Buns

3. Kohl Rimmed Eyes

The ancient Egyptians believed that the black kohl liner that wore around there eyes would protection their vision from the blinding desert sun, as well as a variety of infections. We can’t say if it works or not, but we have to agree that it sure does look cool – and apparently fashion designers worldwide agree as we spotted kohl rimmed eyes making a comeback (in a big way) on the runways. To get the look use a kohl liner like Lancome’s Crayon Kohl ($23.50) in a Black Ebony. Trace along the inside of the lashes, and finish off with a light application of volumizing mascara.

Kohl Rimmed Eyes

4. 80′s Hair

Let’s face it; we’ve been due for an 80′s flashback for sometime now – and Labellush.com is delighted to announce that the day has finally arrived!!! From Behnaz Sarafpour to Marc Jacobs, 80′s hair hit the runways this season with full force! Asymmetrical updos, huge pompadours and yes, even crimping were reworked with extra attitude to create modern looks, perfect for Fall ’09. Want the look? First, stock up on hair spray; these gravity defying coifs are going to need it!

80's Hair

5. Trick Ponies

We love beauty trends that are easy on our budgets, as well as our schedule so the ponytail trend of F’09 is definitely one that we’ll be trying. No longer just a quick fix, for women on the go – the ponytail has taken on a modern sophistication of it’s very own for Fall ’09. Try adding a new twist to the old favorite with a dramatic side sweep, or multiple fastening.


6. Rocker Waves

Conveniently (with the end of daylight savings quick approaching, and the shorter days of winter that lie ahead) the Just-Rolled-Out-of-Bed “Rocker Wave” hair style is back in for Fall ’09. Naturally, this means extra sleep for all, and less time in front of the mirror each morning perfecting your look. Depending on your hair type the style can be easily achieved in one of two ways: 1. (if your lucky) Just stand Up and go, or 2. Spritz a curling spray like Curl Force 17 texturizing spray-gel ($16) on to dry hair, twist into sections, and allow it to dry for 10-15 minutes before shaking it out to some Aerosmith. The key to rocker chic locks lies in not overworking them – so relax, and let your hair do it’s thing.

Rocker Waves

7. 80′s Makeup

Break out your blue eyeshadow because from the runways of Marc Jacobs to catwalks of Tibi 80′s makeup was all the rage for Fall 2009. Nightclub inspired and perfect for your evening looks, bold hues such as pink, purple and blue make a statement unlike anything we have seen in quite awhile. Get the look with eye shadows from MAC in shades like “Electric Blue”, or “Violet Trance” ($14.50).

80's Makeup

8. Bold Brows

Embrace your inner Brook Shields and wear your brows a little fuller. Perfectly instep with the other 80′s trends of the season bold brows make a perfect compliment to almost any look. If you have a fuller eyebrow to begin with achieve the look by keeping your tweezing to a minimum. You don’t want to over-sculpt or make your brows to narrow. If your brows are running a little thinner, you might consider enhancing them with a coordinating eyebrow pencil, or a little bit of shadow. In either case, finish off the look by using an eyebrow brush and Maybelline Define-A-Brow Gel / Clear Mascara ($5) to set your brows, brushing them up and away from the eye.

Bold Brows

9. Smokey Eyes

Smokey eyes are a perennial favorite of the fashion industry and it’s not hard to see why! The look packs major attitude (a must have on the runway!) and looks great on just about everyone – assuming you know how to apply it. To create a smokey look you’ll need at least three eye shadows to work with: a highlighter, a blender, and a dark black shadow. To begin use your lightest shadow to highlight your brow bone and upper eyelid. Then you the middle (blender) shadow to cover the eyelid from the lash line up to the crease. Apply your dark black shadow, we recommend MAC’s “Carbon” shadow ($14.50), around the lash line on both the top and bottom, and blend up towards the crease of your eyelid. Finish off the look with some black eyeliner, and volumizing mascara.

Smokey Eyes

10. Gothic Lips

To tell you the truth, we’re not sure if we’ll be trying this one, but you can’t deny it’s presence on the runway. From Rodarte to Tuleh, and Rachel Roy black, grey, plum, and gold lips made a definite statement. Futuristic? Yes. Pretty? We’ll let you decide…

Gothic Lips

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